Saturday, August 25, 2007

August Freebie

Wow! It's been a while since I've posted. Last week wasn't the most optimum week for getting things done around here. LOL It started out with hubby and I having the flu. School started on Wednesday, which to most families, isn't a big deal, but it was for us. I've homeschooled my oldest since she was in Kindergarten, she's now entering 5th grade. My son, started Kindergarten too. So this was a week for adjusting. - I'm sure things will get easier once we get into the swing of things. My two year old hasn't yet adjusted to "sissy and bubby" being gone all day either.

Anyway - enough about all that stuff... I have a new FREE printable for you to download. These are printable note sheets. The pdf file prints 4 notes per 8.5x11 page. You simply print and cut on the guide lines. You could make note pads or leave them loose in a basket on your desk. - You could use them with your outgoing orders, a note for hubby, your grocery list or they might be fun to put in your child's lunch box too. ;-)

To download the file, visit my website... and click on the FREEBIES link. We have other freebies listed there as well as these cute printable note sheets.

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