Saturday, August 22, 2009

Giant Sunflowers

Earlier this summer my sons and I took some time to plant some sunflowers along side of our deck. We wanted "BIG" sunflowers, so when I bought the seeds, I got the "mammoth" ones. The package said they could grow up to 16 ft. tall with heads around 12" in diameter. - Perfect!!

We prepared the soil, opened the seed pack, only to find about 12 seeds... kinda disappointing to me for $1.69, but ok, we'll go with it. We planted the seeds and they soon popped up. The deer liked the new fresh leaves that grew, so did the rabbits. LOL But a few of the new plants survived. - Four to be exact.

We watched as they grew and anticipated the day they would bloom. They didn't make it 16 ft. I'm about 5'7" and the tallest one isn't quite as tall as me. The flowers aren't 12" in diameter either. The largest one is about the size of my hand.

But you know what?... we still think they're great. The first day they bloomed I told the kids and they all ran outside to see them. They weren't disappointed in the least.

Here's a photo of one of them.

I plan to save back some of the seeds for next year and to make things easier in storing them, I designed a really cool printable seed pack. It's got a really neat vintage look to it.

The printable seed packs are available on my website, along with a few others. So if you have some of your own sunflower seeds you're wanting to save or share, you might want to think about them.

Thanks for joining me!
Deena Davis


Jen xo said...

love your sunflowers Deena,such ahppy flowers.... at least you got some.....and great idea to use make a packet for the seeds next year...jenxo

Heidi said...

Beautiful sunflower! I have a vase full of them on my kitchen table right now. Thanks for following my blog, I'm going to go check out your other blog now- I see you have two! The printable seed packet is interesting to me, I'm going to check that out, too.