Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Making Christmas Tags...

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I've got a couple of things hidden away, but not much as of yet. However, I am accumulating a nice stash of tags to use for the holidays.

When I release a new printable file, I always do a test print to make sure the color is accurate, that the images print clearly, check for alignment of the images etc. I release several new things per week so that leaves me with a lot of prints. So what does one do with all those test prints, you ask? I make tags!! LOL

The tags show here are made with the 1.75" Round Images - Holy Night. They are very easy to make. (click image for a larger view)

Simply punch the Holy Night images with a 1.75" circle punch, punch a 2" scalloped circle from coordinating card stock, ink the edges of both (optional). Then adhere the Holy Night image to the scalloped circle. I use an Elmer's school glue stick and it seems to work great. After that, you can punch a small hole in the top and add a string or ribbon. I used 6 strands of dmc floss on the ones shown here.

I plan to write my To: and From: info on the back of the tag with a gold gel pen.

Just imagine how pretty those holiday packages will look with a hand made tag.

If you're interested in seeing more holiday tags, stay tuned. I have a whole pile laying here on my desk to show you.

Thanks for visiting!
Deena Davis


Pam said...

That is a good idea Deena. Would save a lot of waste, I agree. I must get in and do some Christmas tags for my store. Might have to make a visit to your store! :o)

I Play Outside The Box said...

Your tags look beautiful!!!

Congrats on yet another sale of your OFGHC item. I have switched it out in my treasury again. Love the new Santa's you put in it's place. BTW...the treasury is on the 1st page of the hot list. Wish it had more hours left on it...but was only 5hours last I looked. Hopefully that treasury will have more sales before it ends.

Have a great Halloween!

Abatevintage said...

Oh what a fun idea.

Its lovely to meet you.

Stop over sometime.