Sunday, January 3, 2010

Calendar Tag Book Tutorial

I'd like to share a project with you on making a Tag Book from my printable calendar tags. I just added the file to my website today. It's available for $3.00 and comes to you as a pdf file that you print from your own printer.
Link: Angel Calendar Tags

You can make the tag book by simply printing the pages on cardstock, trimming and attaching them together with ribbon and using the files "as is", they would look great that way but, in this tutorial, I am taking it a few steps further.

Things you will need:
Printable Calendar Tags printed on white card stock
Glue Stick
Ink Pad (optional)
Colored Card Stock to put on the backs of the tags
Hole Punch
Ribbon, Fibers, Yarn etc.

Start by printing the calendar tags and quote tages on white card stock. Trim the calendar and quote tags and ink the edges. (inking is optional). You should have something that looks like this...

Cut enough pieces of cardstock just slightly larger than the calendar and quote tags. I cut my backing pieces approx. 2.75 in x 4.5 in but it left a lot of wasted cardstock, so you may want to trim yours a bit smaller. If you cut them the size that I did you can always use the leftover pieces for another project.

You will need 18 pieces of cut cardstock if you are making the calendar with the quotes and 12 pieces if you are only making the calendar tags. Ink qll the edges if you desire.

You'll now have a pile of cardstock pieces that look something like this.

With your glue stick, cover the back of the calendar and quote tags with glue (one or two at a time).

Attach the calendar or quote tag to the inked side of the card stock.

Once they are all attached to their backing, decide where you want the hole to attach them all together to be. I chose to punch mine in the top center just above the bow, but the upper left corner would be good too. Punch a hole all of the tags.

Assemble the tags in the order you'd like them to be in and insert the binder ring thru all the holes and close the ring.

Tie on fibers, strips of fabric, strips of yarn, string to cover most of the binder ring and you're done.

You can keep this as a gift for yourself or give it as a small gift. You could also make the tags separately and use them as bookmarks.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and will enjoy making your own calendar tag book.

If you make one of your own, please post a comment with a link to your photo. I would love to see them!!

Thank you for stopping by and may 2010 be a prosperous year for you and yours.

Deena Davis

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Pam said...

Love this idea Deena. Looks great!!
Will you be doing any in a different colour with different images. Would like to buy some to make my own, but I'm not really into angels. :^)