Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Catching up...

Wow! - Long time... no blogging. I guess it's time to catch up here. What's going on? Well, let's see... LOL... where to begin...

Bette Shaw and I have started a new blog, www.byyourhands.blogspot.com. I think I have posted about it here before, but since I'm playing catch up, I thought I'd trow it out there to you again. We have a lot going on over there and one of the BIG things right now is we're having a HUGE PATTERN GIVEAWAY. We have 12 patterns by 10 different designers. - GREAT STUFF!! It's open to USA and Canada residents.

I've been busy loading my etsy shop and artfire studio with lots of new things. Of course, all of these things are available on my website too www.ewenmeprintables.com

Here are a couple things I've made recently from some of my newer printables.

This first one is made from my Printable Hang Tags - Antique Ads. I added some colored cardstock to the back of these. That really seems to make the tag stand out and gives the back a nice finished look.

The next thing I have here is a Printable Cocoa/Seed Envelope. I really like the way this turned out. I realize that summer isn't the best time for cocoa, but these envelopes have so many other uses.


Ok... I think that gets us caught up a little bit for now. LOL I hope to post more often so keep checking back, subscribe to my feed or become a follower if you like what you see.

Thanks for visiting!
Deena Davis

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Firecracker Kid said...

Oh Deena, it's a job isn't it? LOL. Your labels and tags are nice looking. I am enjoying you and Bette's new blog too:) Carry on darlin'! You're doin' an excellent job.