Friday, August 10, 2007

Coffee Tin Collection

Kelle, of Two Dancing Crows has challenged us to share our collections today.

Here is mine...

This is part of my collection of Vintage Coffee Tins. I've picked these up here and there at garage sales, flea mkts. etc. I don't think I paid any more than $1 for any of them.

The Old Reliable can is my favorite of the bunch, only because it came from my grandparents. It was left in their old farmhouse after they passed on. No one else in the family seemed too interested in it. ;-)

Some of them sit on my mantle and I stash things, such as, digital camer cords, ipod charger and things like that in them. Who knew something so old (and basicly useless) would be used for storing "techie" stuff 40-50 years later. hehe

Check out Kelle's blog to see her neat little vintage oil can collection.

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Deena, what a great collection and I love the idea of using them to store things in! Hope you find many more to add to your collection.

Cathy :)