Monday, February 11, 2008

Free Printable ATC backs

Hello Again!

Hey - I just added some FREE printable "backs" for your ATC's to my website. I put one on a card to try it out and I'm really pleased with how "finished" it makes the card look.

I printed mine on sticker paper, but you could easily print it on regular paper and glue it on.

Here's what it looks like:

If you want some of your own you can hop on over to my website and download a page of them for FREE! FREE PRINTABLE ATC BACKS!!

See Ya Soon!
Deena Davis


Kim said...

Thanks so much for posting this printable back! I just joined an ATC swap and I don't have a stamp so this was perfect! I've sent the website to several people!!


Kellie said...

Thanks so much - this is perfect.

Mad Mary said...

Thank you, this is ideal as i don't have an atc backing stamp and it would take me ages to try and make up a sheet myself.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much...this is the best set of ATC backs I have seen. I am now using them and will pass on your generosity when asked if I know of any...Thanks!

Donna said...

Thank you very much for these ATC backs. They are fantastic and I was really needing some ASAP!! Your awesome!!!

Samantha said...

Oh Thank you so much! this is just the awesome blog!! got to follow!!

Rita said...

Wow, Thank-You so much for these. What a time saver it will be. I don't really make a lot of ATc's but these are perfect. Hugs Rita xx

scootingranny said...

Thank you!!